Hugo Gaggioni

Hugo Gaggioni
CTO for the Broadcast and Production Systems Division
Sony Electronics

Hugo Gaggioni is Chief Technology Officer for the Broadcast and Production Systems Division of Sony Electronics.

Gaggioni, who joined Sony in 1988, holds six patents and has authored 32 technical publications in the areas of video compression, digital filter banks and HDTV devices and systems.

With research interests ranging from digital video and image processing and information theory to video/audio compression and multidimensional signal processing, Gaggioni has served as session-chairman of 13 international conferences in the areas of HDTV and bandwidth compression systems. He has also given numerous presentations and tutorial courses on signal processing and advanced video technologies at international events sponsored by SMPTE, IEEE, and Eurasip organizations.

He was a member of the Advanced Television Advisory group to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (1987 to 1994). He is a Fellow of SMPTE and the recipient of the 2004 Leitch Gold Medal award for technology leadership. Gaggioni was chairman of the SMPTE technical groups on Digital Representation of the 1125/60 High Definition TV Standard (SMPTE 260M, 88-92) and Digital HDTV Serial Interfaces (SMPTE 292M, 93-96). He was also chairman for a SMPTE group on Editing of MPEG bit-streams for TV studio usage.

Gaggioni represented Sony Corporation of America to the ANSI X3-L3 committee and the ISO/IEC MPEG coding group from 1988 to 1996.

Gaggioni holds degrees in telecommunications, systems engineering, and electronic engineering from the University of Essex in Colchester, England; University of Pennsylvania, and Columbia University, respectively.