Location: Gramercy Suite East, Second Floor

The Remote Engineering Workshop offers SVG Summit attendees a chance to do a deeper dive into some of the hot topics and issues related to remote-production vehicle design, engineering, and operations. 

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The Year in Remote Production: IP and Beyond
2015 saw a number of new developments related to remote production operations. Leaders from across the industry discuss some of the achievements in 2015, virtual tours of some of the hottest production facilities on wheels, and what lies ahead in 2016. Also how is the move to IP-based production changing the nature of the way remote production vehicles operate?
Phil Garvin, Mobile TV Group, General Manager and Founder
Joe Signorino, NEP Broadcasting, VP Systems Integration
Jason Taubman, Game Creek Video, VP Design/New Technology

Redundancy, Resiliency, and the Connected Compound
The very nature of what is a broadcast compound is evolving quickly. Production trucks are turning into super computers that require new approaches to make sure they can keep cool and running properly. Power options include everything from running on shore power to classic generators and UPS arrays. And increasingly connections are IP based so that signals are moved as data. How can broadcasters and production services best make sure their compounds run properly, stay on air, and become more “plug and play”? Experts take to the stage to discuss the current state of the resilient compound and what the future holds.
Mike Davies, Fox Sports, SVP, Technical and Field Operations
George Hoover, NEP Broadcasting, CTO
Jason Taubman, Game Creek Video, VP Design/New Technology