Location: Trianon Ballroom, Third Floor

The Production Session track extends over two days and all sessions will be held in the Trianon Ballroom on the third floor. The sessions are designed to put production workflows, tools, and technologies front and center, with leaders from across the industry taking part in exclusive keynote conversations, presentations, panel discussions, and debates.

Defining the Future of Remote Production
Sports production professionals have more choices than ever when it comes to how to produce an event. Not only do they have a choice of a wide range of highly capable production trucks and units but also fly packs, lower-cost IP-based production tools, and more. Experts discuss some of the options, how to find the right fit for the right production, and much more during what promises to be a lively discussion about the future of sports production.
Moderator: Ken Kerschbaumer, SVG, Co-Executive Director, Editorial Services
Chris Brown, Turner Sports, Senior Director of Technical Operations
Tom McShane, CBS Sports, Vice President, Remote Operations
Mike Werteen, NEP U.S. Mobile Units, President
Courtney Willock, Pac-12 Network, Director of Remote Operations

Alternative Production Workflows: New Ways to Get the Job Done
For every “main event” sports production there are hundreds of smaller productions where the challenge is making sure the director and producer can properly tell the story of an event with limited resources. But networks are also taking advantage of long-distance fiber connectivity to open up new ways of working, including cutting cameras from a broadcast control room instead of a traditional production truck. Learn how networks are innovating and what these new workflows could mean to your organization.
Moderator: Ken Kerschbaumer, SVG, Co-Executive Director, Editorial Services
Jason Bernstein, Hawk-Eye, Managing Director, USA
Peter Bruggink, NEP Infostrada, CTO
Tim Lewis, Proshow Broadcast, President & CEO
Larry Meyers, Time Warner Cable Sports Los Angeles, VP, Content and Executive Producer
Steve Rittenberg, MLB Network, Director of Engineering

MLBAM Cloud-Based Production Case Study, Sponsored by Amazon Web Services
Presentation by:
Joe Inzerillo, MLBAM, EVP, CTO
Matt Yanchyshyn, Amazon Web Services, Senior Manager, Solutions Architecture

Going Global: Philosophies in World-Feed Production
The growth of major sporting events worldwide is the focus of not only the leagues and federations that run the events but also the networks that are on site (and off site) delivering the event to viewers. This panel will take a look at the production and engineering of world feeds and the current challenges in meeting the needs of rights holders around the globe. Learn how to overcome language issues, work with foreign crews, clear production and transmission facility hurdles, better manage costs, and what it takes to produce a great host broadcast feed.
Moderator: Russell Gabay, MLB Network,  International Events, Supervising Operations Producer
Terry Brady, ESPN, Director, Remote Production Operations
Bob Brown, ONE World Sports, VP, Production & Broadcast Operations
Mary Critchlow, IMG Media Services, Independent Contractor
Steve Gorsuch, US Open, Director of Operations and Production
Grier Patterson, Tokyo Broadcast System International, VP of Sports Operations

UHD Sports Production: The Intersection of 4K, High Frame Rates, and High Dynamic Range
Next-generation broadcasting services and the UHD TV sets that will receive them will be capable of delivering images of a quality that has never been seen before. Capturing and delivering those images will not be easy. What steps does the industry need to take to make them a reality and, more importantly, is there a compelling business case to take them?
Moderator: Ken Kerschbaumer, SVG, Co-Executive Director, Editorial Services
Hugo Gaggioni, Sony Broadcast and Production Systems Division, CTO
Alex Grossman, Quantum, VP, Media and Entertainment
George Hoover, NEP, CTO
Mike Johnson, Dome Productions, Director of Engineering
Marcel Koutstaal, Grass Valley, Vice President,  Camera Systems
Larry Thorpe, Canon USA, Senior Director & General Manager