Location: Gramercy Suite East, Second Floor
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The Sports Asset Management & Storage (SAMS) Workshop is designed for SVG members and sponsors who would like to discuss the current state of asset management technology as it relates to near-term and long-term strategies. This year’s SAMS Workshop will address a variety of topics, including computer vision tools to automate metadata assignment, the impact of big data, challenges in storing 4K/8K/HDR content, mitigating doomsday scenarios and disaster recovery, and new tiering strategies from nearline to deep archive. The workshop will also feature a pair of case studies and close with a session entitled “SAMS Parting Shots,” which will serve as an open forum for all SVG Summit attendees to ask top MAM execs their most pressing questions.

The SAMS Crystal Ball: Computer Vision, Big Data, and Storing 4K/8K/HDR Content
The world of asset management and storage has changed rapidly over the past half-decade and the market’s evolution looks to only accelerate in the coming years. How can everyone from major sports organizations to teams and universities weather the tech storm while staying up to date on the latest advancements when it comes to automated metadata assignment, the impact of big data, massive storage requirements for 4K/8K/HDR files, and more?
Moderator: Jason Dachman, SVG, Chief Editor
Ken Botelho, Golf Channel, Sr. Director, Engineering
David Schleifer, Primestream, COO
Thomas Slowe, NerVve Technologies, CEO and Co-Founder
Chris Witmayer, NASCAR Productions, Director Of Broadcast, Post Production and New Media Technology

Case Study: Golf Channel and Avid: Asset Management
Jim Yanks, Avid, Global Account Manager
Ken Botelho, Golf Channel, Senior Director of Engineering

Mitigating Doomsday Scenarios: How To Prepare for the Worst
How can you ensure that your priceless content archive survives a total MAM meltdown? What conventions can be put in place to allow you to access your most valuable in this doomsday scenario? Industry leaders discuss disaster recovery strategies and how to protect yourself – both on-site and in the cloud.
Moderator: Nick Gold, Chesapeake Systems, Chief Revenue Officer
Dave Franza, NFL Films/NFL Network, VP, Executive in Charge of Production Application Development & Support
Mark Haden, MLB Network, VP, Engineering & IT
Grant Nodine, NHL, SVP, Technology
Kara Van Malssen, AVPreserve, Senior Consultant

Storage & Archive 101: New Tiering Strategies From Nearline to Deep Archive
With more content than ever before and files likely become even larger with higher resolution and dynamic range content on the horizon, sports organizations can no longer abide by the rigid separation between nearline storage and deep archive. How can content owners create a middle ground and engineer new workflows that will allow them to better manage their ever-growing libraries of content?
Moderator: Tom McGowan, IMT, VP, Business Development
Luc Comeau, Levels Beyond, VP, Sales
Arun Krishnaswamy, Vizrt, Director of Technology, Media Asset Management
Bob Herzan, Scale Logic, President/Founder/CEO
Hossein ZiaShakeri, Spectra Logic, SVP

Case Study: MLB Network Ensures Safe Archiving Environment for Countless Hours of Baseball Content
Oracle’s number one content storage management software, DIVA, enabled MLB Network to quickly move content – totaling more than 600 hours of live video content daily, and 7 petabytes of information annually – as well as log it, store it, and retrieve it – from a video archive holding approximately 535,000 hours of base games and content.
Tab Butler, MLB Network, Director, Media Management and Post Production
Tom Miller, Oracle, Technical Sales Representative

SAMS Parting Shots: 2015 Headlines and Open Q&A With Top MAM Execs
SVG Summit attendees from every sector of the sports-production community are encouraged to attend this open forum that caps off a busy day of SVG workshops. Sports Asset Management & Storage Committee leaders take the stage to address the biggest storylines from 2015 and answer your most pressing MAM and storage queries in this no-holds-barred town-hall meeting.
Moderator: Jason Dachman, SVG, Chief Editor
David Dukes, PGA Tour Entertainment, Senior Director, Technical Operations
Mark Haden, MLB Network, VP, Engineering & IT
Scott Rinehart, University of Notre Dame, Fighting Irish Digital Media (FIDM), Lead Technologist
Kathleen Shannon, Turner Sports, Assistant Manager, Sports Media